• Modern children cannot hop, skip, jump, kick or even run properly
  • They have problems crossing the mid-line and with bi-lateral coordination
  • Poor motor skills in childhood are related to poor physical health in later life and, predict difficulties with cognitive tasks
  • When we improve motor skills we also improve memory, attention and visual processing skills deemed crucial to achieve success in reading & mathematics
  • By improving motor skill proficiency, we can simultaneously improve both health and academic outcomes
  • MoveAhead Games are 3D sensor controlled video games, with theoretically underpinned design and cloud captured movement data, to track and support full body movement experiences in the classroom and home setting
  • Games are also adaptable to facilitate human-in-the-loop personalisation
  • Gameplay supports collection of valuable movement data for machine learning
  • This data can be used to develop models of children’s movement skills which helps improve the games and, power multiple types of AI driven movement-based applications for young people
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